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PIV Mechanical Variable Speed Drives, Custom Built Pulleys, Mechanical Variable Speed Pulley Drives, Custom Built Drives, Manufacturer, Pune, India

Deepak Drives Pvt. Ltd. is the largest manufacturer and exporter of Mechanical Variable Speed Pulley Drives in India,for industrial applications. Due to continuous R & D, product design innovations and quality. We have a steady stream of new customers from all over the world. Equally significant in the company’s growth has been its ability and willingness to accommodate the needs of our customers. Our organization was promoted by hardcore technocrats in the field of speed variation and was established in 1978 by technically qualified & experienced engineers.

PIV Mechanical Variable Speed Drives

The company has an experience over 35 years & more than 1,00,000 Drives are in operation allover the world and having over 1500 satisfied customers. We are successfully marketing to OEM and consumer customers in the field of machine tools, pharma machinery, processing, packaging, woodworking, agriculture equipments, printing and many more.

The company has Marketing Office in Mumbai & Works at Pune which is about 150 Kms from Mumbai. The factory is equipped with CNC Turning, Grinding, Dynamic balancing, Vertical / Horizontal Boring, Milling, Broaching and hobbing facilities.

We look forward to your valuable enquiries. Our marketing team will respond in 48 working hrs.


Manufacturer and Exporter of Mechanical Variable Speed Pulley Drives, Stepless Variable Speed Belt Drives, Vari Speed Belts, Variable Speed Drive for flameproof / explosive areas. We also design & manufacture custom built drives & pulleys as per customer's requirements, Adjustable Center Variable Speed Pulley Drives interchange to Lenze, Fixed Center Variable Speed Pulley Drives (FC Series) - Interchange to Lenze, Asymmetric Variable Speed Belt Drives Interchange to BECKER / BERGES, Adjustable Center Variable Speed Pulley Drives With Diaphragm Springs, Adjustable Motor Slide Base, Adjustable Center Variable Speed Drive For Standard 'V' Belts, Variable Speed Fixed Center Drive For Standard 'V' Section Belts, Variable Speed Pulley for Heidelberg Printing Machine, T.B. Woods Variable Speed Pulley, Berges Type RF b & Fsb, Variable Speed Pulley Drive for Tablet Compression Machine, Variable Speed Pulley drives for GTO / MO Printing machines, Variable Speed Pulley for MBO & Stahl Folding Machines, Mechanical Variator For AMADA Bandsaw Machine Interchange to MIKI, PIV Mechanical Variable speed gear box, PIV Mechanical Variable Speed Drive

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